Frequently asked questions

Piedāvājam automašīnu transportēšanas pakalpojumus Eiropā, Skandināvijā, kā arī Baltijas un NVS valstīs, izmantojot jaunākos Volvo un Mercedes-Benz vilcējus ar "Kaessbohrer" autovedēju iekārtām.

  • 1. How is the the car transportation order done and how does the execution of it go?
    • We prepare an offer for your request
    • In case of confirmation of costs and deadlines, we receive all the necessary information for car transportation (see point 2)
    • We inform about the loading time
    • If the car is purchased from a dealer, we send the necessary data needed from us to prepare a power of attorney (if necessary / the dealer requests)
    • We inform you that the car has been loaded and provide the approximate delivery time
    • Before the car is received, it is necessary to agree on the payment procedure with the manager
    • If necessary, we will inform you about the exact delivery time
  • 2. What information is required to place a car transportation order?
    • Contact information and address from both the place of loading and unloading the car
    • A copy of the technical passport of the transported car
    • If the car is purchased, it is necessary to take care of all obligations (including payment) so that we can load the car without delay.
  • 3. Is the car inspected before loading it on the truck?

    According to the ECG (The Association of European Vehicle Logistics) standards, the car is visually inspected before transporting and loading. Photographs are taken and notes are made in the CMR (international car transportation contract). If you have any defects or damage when you receive the car, you can contact the car dealer with photos of the car.

  • 4. Can personal belongings be left in the car during transportation?

    Yes, it is safe to leave personal belongings in the car during transportation. However, our staff will not secure and keep track of your personal things. Consequently, we do not bear any responsibility for the belongings left in the car.

  • 5. Does the car transportation service require prepayment?

    Prepayment is not mandatory, but the payment needs to be done before the car is delivered to you.

  • 6. Are you performing the first registration of the delivered car in Latvia?

    Yes, we do offer such service. In order for the process to run smoothly, the following is required:

    • The car itself
    • Previous Technical Passport or COC (Certificate of Conformity)

    • Purchase agreement of the car being transported

  • 7. What is the difference between CMR and CARGO insurance?


    The CMR (Bill of Lading) covers 10 euros for each kilogram of cargo, so about 13,000 - 25,000 euros. CARGO (additional cargo insurance) covers all losses related to cargo damage to the value of the transported car.

  • 8. Do you do car pre-sale preperation or prepare a newly purchased car?

    Yes, of course, we do both pre-sale preparation and preparation of a newly purchased car.

    We offer:

    • Body rinsing / washing
    • Body polishing
    • Interior dry cleaning
    • Engine washing
    • Sticker disassembly, surface cleaning

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