Carrier’s liability for the damage caused during international carriage of goods is governed by Geneva Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) of May 19, 1956. Our liability arising from this Convention per case of international carriage of goods we perform has a yearly insurance limit of EUR 1,200,000, however, not more than EUR 600,000 per case.


For the purpose of the CMR Convention not all the damage caused during carriage of goods is deemed to be carrier’s liability. For instance, the Convention stipulates that the carrier is released of liability if the damage to the goods was caused due to the qualities of the goods or due to the circumstances the carrier could not have avoided and the consequences thereof the same could not have prevented.


In addition to the aforementioned, the CMR Convention stipulates carrier’s liability limit – 8.33 SDR (Special Drawing Right) or roughly EUR 10 per kilogram of the goods. For instance, upon carriage of VW Golf with 1205 kg mass carrier’s liability for the damage or total loss thereof will not exceed EUR 12628.40.


Having regard of the aforementioned we offer out clients an opportunity to purchase additional cargo insurance (CARGO) which will cover the damage related losses in all cases, even if the damage to the goods is not related to carrier’s liability or exceeds the same. The policy excess is EUR 500 only to be paid in cases when damage to the goods is not related to carrier’s liability. The price of the policy shall be calculated by our managers for each individual case.