Happy birthday, Mongolija!

Today “Kurbads” mascot, cat Mongolija, celebrates her 10th birthday! Several “Kurbads” employees tell their stories about Mongolija. 

The arrival of Mongolia in “Kurbads” is a very interesting story. 10 years ago, on a damp afternoon in Germany she climbed on the “Kurbads” car carrier to go all the way to the company’s logistics center where she was found by our driver. Since then, every “Kurbads” employee has fallen in love with Mongolija. Meeting the cat lady is a pleasant every day ritual.

Pēteris Ozoliņš, long time driver at our company knows that every time when he is returning to base he will be greeted by Mongolija: “As soon as I get out of the car, she is right next to me waiting for something delicious. Usually I have prepared something for her, but when I am returning home empty-handed she gets impatient and jumps at me. Mongolija looks very good for her respectable age!”.

Edgars Krievāns, “Kurbads” household manager, feels safe as Mongolija, his right-hand in command helps him a lot. Edgars thinks she is a smart cat with a strong character: “Mongolija truly enjoys cat food for senior cats. Every time I hear her voice near the guard’s post, I check if she has enough food. Some years ago, a guard was checking the area at nighttime and he got really scared when Mongolija suddenly jumped on him. So I can say that she also serves as a security guard. “Kurbads” is her territory – she knows every inch here. “Kurbads” is her home!”. 

Ģirts Grunte is working as a security guard in “Kurbads” for three years. Possibly, he is the person who communicates with her the most: “Mongolija has the genuine cat character – she comes and goes whenever she likes. She has a sweet tooth. I remember that one day she ate a lot of cat food and soon after caught some mice and ate them as well. Soon after I started working here, a fox came around and wanted to eat Mongolija’s food. The cat got very angry and scared away the unwanted guest.”

Happy birthday, Mongolija!