Kurbads skiis in Vanagkalns festival!

Vanagkalns skiing festival in Jaunpiebalga, one of the biggest skiing celebrations in Latvia took place last weekend. Traditionally, our logistics specialist Salvis Ozoliņš was among the participants. He grew up in this area and so is a master of skiing.

And he proved that on track - he finished 15th fastest in 19 km distance, earning second place in Jaunpiebalga category, which for local skiers is the most prestigious one!

"The weather air temperature wise was good for skiing, but sadly the rain had damaged skiing tracks that were very well prepared. It took a lot of effort, but I am super excited about my result! Vanagkalns skiing festival is not only about sporting side, I come here for the warm atmosphere, positive vibes and special attitude. I know that holidays here will be fruitful, and they sure were!"

Salvis also says huge thanks to Vitālijs for preparing his skis.

More than 300 winter fun enthusiasts participated in the festival. Gastrobārs Ūsiņš made sure no one felt hungry with their special menu!

Till next time!