Kurbads will transport cars for a retro rally

Today, a retro car rally ‘Amber Trophy ’started in Venice. The route will run through the historic Amber road and the destination is Riga, the capital of Latvia.

The retro cars will go on a symbolic journey on the Amber road which once lead through the Baltic states, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria to the West and to Middle East where the amber was traded for spices and silk. One of the aims of ‘Amber Trophy’ is to celebrate Latvia’s presidency in EU.

More than 20 cars will go on the 2000 km long journey, stopping along the way to take photos to receive points on the spots chosen by organizers. The cars are supposed to arrive in Riga on June 26th and will be on show in the city centre. Later, they will go to transport and logistics company Kurbads and from there the cars will be taken back to Italy.

Anna Kamradze, logistics manager at ‘Kurbads’, tells more about the participation in the unique project:’We received a call from the organizers of ‘Amber Trophy’ and they asked about the possibility of taking the cars back to Italy. We are happy to do it and we will be using three vehicle carriers to do the task.’

For further information on the retro rally, go to http://www.ambertrophy.eu/

The project is backed by Italy’s ‘Radio Vicenza’ and the guests of honour are the secretariat of Latvia’s presidency in EU, Latvian embassy in Italy and ‘Antique car club of Latvia’.

Kurbads is the base for storing EU presidency’s  vehicles, the company is also experienced in transporting retro cars.