Morgan Plus 8 – The aristocratic glitz of cinema

The authenticity, nobility and retro elegance of the British car manufacturer Morgan has remained untouched for more than 110 years. Each part is individually tailored, starting from design and technical equipment to production features, meaning that the Morgan is designed and built to be an individual just like its owner.

When transporting rare and especially valuable cars, the main task of Kurbads’ drivers is to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality. Depending on the location, condition and value of each car, the best and most successful way to get it from point A to point B is chosen. The Morgan car arrived at the Kurbads’ logistics center in the late afternoon. The car received admiration, interest and glances from both, the gentlemen and the ladies, in the evening of car’s arrival and on the next day too.

Morgan cars are considered to be the only legitimate sports cars, because the British were never interested in reaching the highest, maximum power, but in every-day use features. Seeing such an attractive and classic Morgan car, footage from the film about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson comes to mind. Each Morgan car is truly handmade and fundamentally uses three materials: ash wood, aluminum and leather. Each model combines years of heritage, innovation and modern technology, thus achieving a high-class masterpiece.

Preserving its true DNA as an already experienced sports car manufacturer, the Morgan 8 plus model is equipped with a 204-horsepower engine. The maximum speed that this masterpiece-worthy car can reach is 220 km / h.

Externally, the noble, aristocratic and aesthetically pleasing appearance of Morgan cars is complemented by smooth lines and soft shapes, achieving a simple and natural effect. However, when looking inside, you can see an ash wooden frame lined with aluminum body panels. The elegant black leather interior and customized details are able to highlight the character of the car’s owner.

Due to private orders and car collectors, prices for Morgan cars are calculated individually. In total, Morgan 8 plus car prices start from 48,000 EUR.