Summer Solstice in KURBADS​!

Archery and axe throwing competition, torch making workshop, dances, songs and many other activities were available for Kurbads and DBC autocentrs​ employees and their families to celebrate Summer Solstice on the afternoon of 15th June!

The date was not picked by accident, as according to Latvian traditions, the work that has started on a rising moon is more powerful!

Various rituals and activities made people exhausted, ŪSIŅŠ Gastrobārs​ made a perfect job in making a tasty, healthy and traditional food for the employees and their families!

One of the many traditions of Kurbads is to award the best Summer Solstice costume, decided by the winners of previous years! This year, the awards went to Katrīne Kazaka​, logistics specialist, and Ivars Čiblis, truck service manager. One more annual award is to fete all Jāņi of the establishment with presents and songs.

Huge thanks to musicians Kristiāna and Ēriks, special thanks to folklorist Inese Krūmiņa and her team for a proper Summer Solstice festival!