“The Safest Car Park” jury visits Kurbads

“The Safest Car Park” competition’s jury visited the vehicle transport company “Kurbads” to evaluate establishment’s activities to improve safety on the public roads.

This is the third time when “Kurbads” has entered the competition. In 2014 “Kurbads” car park was awarded as the safest in Latvia but in 2015 we took the 2nd place.

“We have a hope for a great result because we have done a lot of work to improve the quality of our truck drivers,” says Laura Tone, head of the HR department. “We organize groups of dozen drivers that learn the latest information about code 95 or driver’s rest during the trips. Participants of the group share their experience how to handle different situations in the traffic.”

“Kurbads” drivers’ test has been updated this year. The test checks driver’s knowledge both in theory and in practice. Even experienced workers have to take this test. Also the drivers’ manual has been significantly reworked to ensure that necessary quality requirements are met. Latest technologies are implemented to improve the communication between logistics center and truck drivers.

“Also several our drivers are working as mentors. They bring inexperienced drivers on their routine trips with them to share practical knowledge. That is an invaluable contribution to the young drivers’ education,” Laura Tone emphasizes the significance of the practical lessons.

“We accurately check our vehicles on a daily basis. We also use modern technologies that help to escape traffic accidents,” says Ivars Čiblis, the head mechanic of “Kurbads”. “We plan to carry out safe driving training in cooperation with “Drošas braukšanas skola” (Safe Driving School) to improve the quality of driving and fuel economy”.

Competition “The Safest Car Park” will end at the second half of February. Winners will be awarded with valuable prizes from “Balta”, “DBS” and other partners of the competition. Winners will get a chance to improve safe driving skills in Test and Training Track in Germany.