We get to know truck industry innovations at the Hannover IAA expo

Vehicle transportation and logistics company’s Kurbads truck service manager Ivars Čiblis with colleagues went to the annual commercial transport and truck expo “IAA” in Hannover, Germany, where all the leading vehicle and special equipment manufacturers presented their latest products and services.

The 68th expo was named “New Mobility World”. Connected and automated driving, zero-emission powertrains, urban logistics, and new mobility and transport services are the cornerstones of the expo that will lead to a more efficient, greener and smarter future.

“It’s always a great joy and professional interest to visit exhibitions of such magnitude and level. I enjoy following the future intentions of the leading truck manufacturers. Of course, we closely watched trucks and car carrier equipment from various manufacturers. For example, Austrian Kaessbohrer offers a new type of closed car carrier. We evaluate an option to add this product in our fleet,” says Ivars Čiblis.

“Mercedes-Benz presented an unusual innovation, replacing side view mirrors with a displays in a cabin. This solution noticeably increases field of view for the driver, thus improving safety on the road.  Possibly, we will see this in the new Mercedes-Benz trucks that will be available in the middle of the next year.”

Last few years, there have been a lot of talks about electric cars as the future vehicles. Ivars emphasizes that “In the Hannover expo, I could feel that all the big truck manufacturers – Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, MAN – are investing big resources in hybrids or fully electric trucks. Ford already presented 100% electric truck with a very futuristic design. I know that Tesla also silently prepares such product. It’s hard to say, whether it will be a very near future, but truck industry undoubtedly is heading in zero-emission direction.”