Car transportation with the open carrier

With the open car carrier it is possible to transport one (small car carrier) or several cars (large car carrier): depending on the size and type of cars - up to 12 cars.


The open carrier

With the open carrier it is possible to transport both one and several cars.


  • All cars are carefully inspected before and after transportation.


  • It is possible to choose a car carrier for one or more cars.

  • Extensive loading options.

  • Up to 12 cars.


  • Your car will be transported by experienced specialists.

Car transportation destinations

We offer car transportation by open carrier between any destinations in the European Union and the CIS countries, including islands (Mediterranean, Baltic Sea, etc.).


Delivery’s destination

Choose the most suitable delivery destination for your needs. If the car has to be transported to Latvia or Riga, we also offer to transport it to the "Kurbads" logistics center.

Door to door

Car transportation to your specified address

Door to terminal

Car transportation to "Kurbads" logistics center


Jurijs Dobrijans
Jurijs Dobrijans
19:11 10 Feb 24
Good place
Anrijs Zira
Anrijs Zira
12:10 07 Jan 24
Great and fast service!💪
Valters Zudans
Valters Zudans
16:59 17 Dec 23
Good work

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    Car insurance

    Choose to insure your car against damage that may occur during transportation due to an accident, third party accident, weather conditions or even natural disasters (storms, hail, floods, etc.).


    Insure your car for 100% safe transportation!

    Learn more

    How the cars are being transported


    Agreement and planning

    • After filling out the application form, we will contact you to discuss various nuances related to the transportation of your car: destination, time, specifics of the car, etc.

    • Our specialists will offer to you different solutions.

    • Choose the one that best suits your needs.



    • "Kurbads" driver will arrive at the car loading place specified by you.

    • Driver together with you, or another person assigned in charge, will take photos and visually evaluate the car according to ECG (European Association of Vehicle Logistics) standards.

    • "Kurbads" specialist will also complete other formalities to mark each nuance and our cooperation without misunderstandings.


    Receiving a car

    • The exclusive car will be delivered to the destination, to the address specified by you.

    • Our specialist will re-inspect the car together with the assigned person to make sure that it has not been damaged during transportation.

    Car transportation options

    Depending on the number and dimensions of the cars to be transported, it is possible to place the cars on the truck in different ways to make transportation as efficient as possible.


    Limousine class


    8 pieces


    up to 4.8 m


    Middle class


    9 pieces


    up to 4.5 m


    Small and limousine class


    8+2 pieces


    up to 4.5 m


    Small class


    12 pieces


    up to 2.5 m


    "Chrysler Voyager"


    7 pieces


    up to 4.5 m


    "Volkswagen Transporter"


    4+2 pieces


    up to 4.7 m

    Preparation process

    Before transporting your car, you need to take care of some formalities, such as the exact loading and unloading address, the necessary documentation and, if you wish, you can order additional services such as car body rinsing, washing or polishing, interior dry cleaning, engine washing, as well as purchase additional insurance.


    Testimonials from dealers

    "We have been cooperating with Kurbads since 2005. Many years of cooperation have given us confidence that Kurbads is a partner we can always count on. Employees perform their duties conscientiously and with the highest sense of responsibility. We know that Kurbads will always take care of the transportation of our new cars with precision and the highest quality. Thanks!"

    Moller Baltic Import

    Volkswagen car importer in the Baltics, as well as Audi car importer in Lithuania and Latvia

    We have been cooperating with Kurbads and Co since 2009 in the field of car transportation between Europe, the Baltics and Scandinavia. As a relatively small but significant market player in the sales of low-end Premium segment cars in the Finnish market, deadlines and planning at all stages, which include car purchase, logistics, car preparation, PDI, etc., are very important. The Kurbads and Co team has always been able to offer us the most acceptable communication, pric and logistics solution, delivery time and quality balance, which has strengthened our cooperation as a key partner in logistics solutions.

    Artūrs Čepuks

    Member of the Board of Starmount SIA Starmount Oy / AutoCorner partner

    "You always have good feedback from us. Cooperation with Kurbads always guarantees 100% accuracy and a worry-free delivery process. It is a pleasure to cooperate and work with SIA Kurbads and CO!"

    Linda Zieda

    Official Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi representative SIA "Skandi Motors"