Trail running in Lithuania

A weather like in autumn and sandy Kurelian dunes were a big challenge for Kurbads iron men who on Saturday participated in trail running competition in Lithuania. Our employees frequently take part in various sporting activities and this weekend was no exception. 

Organizers had prepared four varius distances, and each had a participant from Kurbads. Mārtiņš Žaunerčiks debuted in trail running a 12 km long distance. Our one of the most experienced guys Edgars Krievāns challenged 25 km, Rinalds Osis 47 km, but Armants Beitiks, who just loves running ran in 68 km long track.

Our security and warehouse manager Armands also had the biggest adventures: “Eight kilometers from finish I misread the sign and choose the wrong direction, and that’s how I extended my distance by 25 km, totalling 93 km. It happens, but still I didn’t finish last! It was a good practice before another competition!” Armands still managed to finish 87th. 

Rinalds Osis had never previously run 47 km, but he managed it perfectly – 34th place, finishing after five hours and 22 minutes. Edgars Krievāns, who has a significant experience in Riga Marathon, Drosmes and Stipro skrējiens competitions, finished 68th among 138 runners in 25 km distance, while Mārtiņš Žaunerčiks was 81th in 12 km race.

All runners have returned with tired bodies but with refreshed minds!