Exhibition “Kurbads. A Latvian Hero’s Tale”.

All of January, visitors of the Jelgava City Library were welcome to the exhibition “Kurbads. A Latvian Hero’s Tale” (“Kurbads. Latvju varoņstāsts”). On 31 January, at the close of the exhibition, in a congenial atmosphere, a storytelling afternoon “Kurbads and the Heroic Tales of Zemgale” (“Kurbads un Zemgales varoņstāsti”) was held, where we met with folklore researcher, doctor of philology, the founder of the Storytellers movement in Latvia – Guntis Pakalns, illustrator of the book “Kurbads. Latvju varoņstāsts”, folklore and ornament researcher – Sindija Anča, as well as researcher, historian, archaeologist and Jelgava local – Andris Tomašūns.

We invoke the word hero quite often. The hero of the day, the hero of the film, a literary hero, the hero of a story, unsung hero, every inch a hero, don’t be a hero, play a hero, etc. Tezaurs.lv explains that a hero is someone who selflessly performs their duty particularly in difficult circumstances, even if in grave danger, continuing to defend their ideals, fighting for them, risking or sacrificing their wellbeing or even their life. What was a hero in the past and what is a hero today? Can anyone be a hero? Who do we call heroes? Do we need heroes?

The exhibition “Kurbads. A Latvian Hero Story” gave a sneak peek into the latest rendering of Kurbads’ exploits – a multimedia book “Kurbads. Latvju varoņstāsts”, where Latvian folklore meets modern technology, making it possible to relive this ancient tale and make the pages come to life. An app “KurbadsLV” has been developed to go with the book and is available on Google Play and the App Store. Using augmented reality technology, the pages burst alive, with goblins, giants and devils accompanied by music performed by the band Skyforger.

We, the car transport and logistics company “Kurbads”, are honoured to be a part of the support for the book, and we root for new projects such as these which go hand in hand with our values. Given that the book is named after our company’s main character, we are really glad that the one and only son of a mare continues to be reborn in new formats. Let it be!