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We have been transporting cars safely and accurately for more than 25 years. During these years, based on customer wishes and requirements, we have also introduced other services that provide additional comfort and security to our customers. They are provided by our team of specialists or partners, which we have carefully selected.

What our clients value the most

Many of our commercial customers are our long-term partners, who appreciate our team’s ability to provide solutions that meet the needs and specifics of their company. In recent years, many exclusive, retro and sports car owners who want to receive high-quality car transportation services in one place have also become our regular customers.

Excellent value

for money

Timely car delivery

High level of service

Individual solutions

Full spectrum car transportation

Customers entrust us with more and more processes, both before and after car transportation! We offer a wide range of car preparation, storage and of other related services.

Car transportation

Car transportation both in the territory of Baltic and in the European Union and the CIS countries is our basic service. We provide a wide range of options, including individual solutions.


Car delivery from the manufacturer or warehouse to the customer

For companies we offer car delivery from the manufacturer to the representative, for individuals - from the representative to the door of the house.


Body defect elimination

This service allows you to quickly carry out car body repairs without painting (smooth out dents, eliminate defects), preserving the car's original painting. In especially specific cases, we involve cooperation partners who specialize in the elimination of a specific defect. We provide body defect elimination for all types of cars.


Long term and short term parking

It’s possible to leave your car safe in our open or closed parking lot for a few days and several months. Our parking lots are guarded.


Insurance of the car being transported

Not every damage that occurs during transportation is considered to be the carrier's liability within the meaning of CMR. The Convention stipulates that the carrier is released from liability if the damage to the cargo is caused by circumstances which the carrier could not avoid, therefore we recommend to take out additional insurance for the transported cars.

Car cleaning and washing

Do you want your car to arrive at its destination in perfect condition? We provide washing, rinsing or polishing of your car’s body, as well as dry cleaning of the cabin before transportation to the destination or after transportation to Latvia/ Riga.


Technical inspection

We offer to perform a technical inspection of a personal car for you! At the specified place and time, we will load the car on our tow truck, take it to the nearest CSDD technical inspection station and pass a technical inspection, after which we will deliver your car back to the specified address.


Car pre sale services

We prepare cars for sale by washing, rinsing and/ or polishing the body, dry cleaning the interior, washing the engine, as well as cleaning the car body from stickers. Our specialists can assess the condition of each car to offer solutions for preparing your car for sale.


Quality management and fault administration

The car is visually inspected each time before loading - photographs are taken and all information is marked in CMR - as well as after transportation to make sure that there is no damage done during the transportation of the vehicle. In 2010, "Kurbads" received a quality management system certificate, but in 2016 - the new quality management system certificate ISO 9001: 2015, which guarantees customers world-class product quality and service, and for the company - the opportunity to successfully participate in various competitions.