Kurbads team building trip to Germany

Vehicle transportation company's Kurbads employees halted their work on the Thursday afternoon to go to Germany for a team-building trip with a very interesting schedule.

 22 employees entered the airplane to Berlin. After a short drive all had a chance to see Neuseddin warehouse that is a key location in “Kurbads” logistics chain. Most of the employees at last saw the warehouse about which they have heard so many stories! “Kurbads” car carriers transport vehicles to this warehouse from various factories, but from Neuseddin VW and Audi cars are transported to the Baltics. On average, 5000-6000 cars are stored here.

The second day of the trip was the most important one as “Kurbads” employees visited the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. We were very lucky with our tour guide Hassan who has been working for VW group for more than 15 years and knows every detail about the establishment. He also knows how to explain complicated things in a simple manner.

On the factory tour Hassan showed phases of manufacturing of VW “Golf”, “Tiguan” and “Touran” models. Starting from press and ending with engine installation, the magical moment when the heart of a car starts pumping.

The factory was opened in 1938, when VW “Beetle” cars were produced here. This car became one of the most iconic and popular vehicle models in the world. You can still see some holes in the roof from the bombings during World War 2. But that's a history. Now, the factory is developing very fast – more and more work is done by robots, resulting in maximum efficiency and new records in production numbers.

To meet the always-growing demand, the factory has to have a perfect logistics chain. Where every part has to be in exact place on the exact time, every system and equipment must work perfectly, otherwise all work in the factory will stop. If we know that a “Golf 7” car is built from approximately 8000 different parts, we understand how precise is the planning and the logistics. VW group is the leader in worldwide market with 10,10 million sold cars in 2016. “VW Golf” is the most popular car model in Europe.

This trip to Wolfsburg was a wonderful opportunity for “Kurbads” employees to get to know more about establishment's specifics in an educational and entertaining manner. To see the places you hear a lot, but have never seen them with your own eyes, and also to meet your colleagues outside everyday environment. The trip was so successful that a joint decision was made – next year we will go to a similar trip to another factory!