100th Kurbads car carrier on the way home

We have received our 100th car carrier in Kaessbohrer factory in Austria! Our double crew Renārs and Sigita Jakobsoni are already on their way home and have had the first taste of the new truck!

“Our first feeling moving from Volvo is that we have entered a space ship – a very wide range of different electronic options, different displays in the panel. We have also lost side mirrors! Now we have displays. At first it seemed crazy, but now I am getting used to them and seems that it will be better – just need to adapt! In this short moment of time I have also tried out the cruise option that copies the behaviour of the vehicle in front. Very cool!”

Renārs and Sigita previously drove Volvo, the 71st car carrier with the Crazy Horse design. Now they have the latest Mercedes-Benz Actros with big cabin. In a very near future it will also be wrapped in a very special design. What will be in the design? Lets keep it as a secret.