102nd car carrier bears the image of Kurbads, son of a mare

Impacts of the pandemic

Without knowing how the pandemic would affect the company, Kurbads had paused with acquiring new additions to its fleet at the time. This year, however, the company has planned to replenish its fleet with eight more car transporter trailers. The first one to complement the company’s powerful fleet is its 102nd car transporter trailer. It is adorned with a symbolic image – that of Kurbads.

kurbads 102 car carrier


Kurbads’ energy helps the company

The car transporter trailer is adorned with the stylized portrait of the Latvian mythological strongman Kurbads. It was chosen, because Kurbads’ energy has been with the company all these years. So it only makes sense that this image should represent one of its carriers. It is believed that the character created by the writer Ansis Lerhis-Puškaitis was uncannily strong, and he had received his energy from both, the heavens and the earth.

The design of the trailer, as always, was done by the artist Alfrēds Paulausks. He admits that creating a character without knowing how he looks, was a difficult task. “Thanks to the visualization of the artist Ieva Kauliņa, who depicted the image of Kurbads in the rock opera “Kurbads – Son of a Mare” by the rock group Skyforger – the dead Latvian superhero Kurbads was revived twenty-five years later and can now be seen on one of the car transporter trailers. I realized I wanted to go a bit further and portray him so realistically that he would come out of the plane and look you in the eyes. I hope I have succeeded in this task,” said Alfrēds Paulausks.

kurbads 102 car carrier


Vehicle transporter with a mission

The leadership reigns of the 102nd car transporter trailer were given over to driver-expeditor Māris Purvēns. Māris was not randomly selected as a driver for the vehicle transporter company Kurbads. Māris has a mission to train new drivers in Latvia and Germany, where the Kurbads branch was recently opened. He has acquired his experience on the roads of Latvia, as well as those in Europe. Māris is able to inspire the young champions not to give up and dare to start their careers as drivers.

kurbads 102 car carrier


Top-class Mercedes Benz Actros

Ivars Čiblis, Head of the Service is very pleased that after taking a break for a year and a half, the company’s fleet has now been replenished with a new car transporter trailer. “The Kurbads model is the Actros 1848 L nR produced by our company’s favorite manufacturer Mercedes Benz. This vehicle has an improved 5th generation brake system, a modernised Trailer Stability Assist (TSA), as well as an improved technical equipment package “Climate Package”. It has an improved noise and light level class, as required by the new European directives,” says Ivars Čiblis.

He notes that the new vehicle has a pneumatic cab suspension, as well as an electric sliding sun visor for driver and passenger comfort. This vehicle also has a large cab, as it is intended to be used in training new drivers.

kurbads 102 car carrier


God speed and we’ll see each other on the road!