The best driver at Kurbads – Māris Laberevics

Māris from his very first days in the organization surprised with his workability and work ethic. Māris is a person who learns new things quickly, which was also visible when he started the training process and started driving by himself in Kurbads. Qualities that characterize.

Māris – accuracy, balance, and confidence. These things also directly reflect in the daily work, without rushing work, doing everything thoughtfully and with confidence. These qualities are especially assessed in the logistics department – Māris clearly understands the task and performs it with high precision without unnecessary questions.

Outside of work, colleagues have noticed that Māris enjoys traveling, discovering unfamiliar countries and cultures. This is another side of Māris – a personality who is able not only to perform his job perfectly but also to take time for quality rest.

Māris, do not stop at what you have achieved, strive for new peaks and new destinations in the world!