#89 under protection of Laima

Automotive logistics company’s “Kurbads” latest Mercedes-Benz car carrier will be protected by Latvian folklore goddess Laima. The truck is branded with Laima’s brush sign. The design was developed by Latvian artist Alfreds Paulausks.

“Kurbads” employees gave blessing and strength to car carrier #89. They sang a song dedicated to goddess Laima but establishment’s men danced a bear dance and gave the might of the bear to the truck. 

Laima’s sign is counted as one of the oldest folklore signs. It can be seen on clay tableware and stone axes in 3000 old tribe camps. The graphical image of Laima’s sign is similar to fir needle.  This symbol brings luck and happiness to the object on which it has been drawn. 

Laima is a symbol of luck, happiness and blessing. Guardian of soul. With Laima’s brush everything bad is swept away. One that fights in a dishonest way is beaten. 

“Kurbads” fleet’s 89th car carrier will be driven by Normunds Strazdiņš, experienced company’s driver for many years. Normunds received a wooden symbol of Laima, a talisman of luck in his long European trips.

“Normunds comes from Naukšēni and he is an experienced truck driver who regularly improves his theoretical and practical knowledge. He has served in the army and it can be seen in his work – discipline and accuracy in every action,” Normunds Strazdiņš is described by Anatolijs Vasiļjevs, driver’s quality inspector in the establishment.

“89th car carrier’s driver is a benchmark and mentor for younger colleagues because he is kind and responsive in his communication and very helpful in work. Uniting these traits with his considerate attitude to the truck and his will to learn, it’s very clear why Normunds has a new car now! Good luck!”

“Kurbads” car carrier Mercedes-Benz “Actros 1843” with Metago Pro car carrier equipment this time is a bit different. Ivars Čiblis, head mechanic of “Kurbads”, tells more: “This truck has an option to lower front side of the cargo platform, that means we can fit bigger vehicle on the first place on the first floor. Also hidraulic levers now are in two different sections of the trailer, providing better vision for the driver when loading or unloading cars. Many parts of the truck are now galvanized which means they will be less affected by corrosion and will be harder to get visual damage. Truck will have longer exploitation period.” 

Let it roll!