#90 on highways of Europe under guidance of Dievs.

Vehicle transport and logistics company “Kurbads” keeps expanding their car carrier fleet, the latest Mercedes-Benz car carrier has joined the car park. Honoring the traditions,  the car carrier #90 is branded with Dieva(God) sign. The design was developed by Latvian artist Alfreds Paulausks.

Dieva sign is a connection to the higher power, as well as symbol of universe, sky and the strength of man. A guardian of wisdom, joy and beauty. It protects it’s bearer, which in this case is the car carrier.

Inese Krūmiņa, Latvian folklore scientist, tells more: “Nowadays, we are always looking for a protection. But I think it’s a bit exaggerated. That’s why I want to emphasize the strength aspects of Dieva sign. It has a shape of a roof. And psychologically it gives a feeling of a shelter to a person. That’s why this sign is so wonderful. Car carrier for us is a tool to do our work, but for the rest of the people it’s reminder that there is a different world – higher world.”

The men performed a dance of a bear, giving the might of the bear to the truck. “It’s ritual of initiation, often performed in weddings when the groom gets the strength of a bear. There is an analogy – when a car carrier is built and ready, it’s not an object anymore. Through the ritual men gave their positive vibrations to the car carrier,” Inese Krūmiņa explains the ritual.

Māris Meisters will drive the new car carrier. He has proven himself in the long European trips with unselfish work and professional attitude. Māris received a wooden symbol of Dievs as a talisman of luck.

“Māris is an experienced ice man! Firstly, because he loves to swim in the winter. He swims also when he is far away in a trip. Secondly, he has an excellent driving discipline and does his job with high quality standards,” Anatolijs Vasiļjevs, driver’s quality inspector in the establishment, describes the driver of car carrier #90. 

“Before “Kurbads” Māris worked as a sales manager. He didn’t excel right from the start. But he has worked hard to improve his skills. Now, nothing can stop him! He still needs to get more experience in Europe. But his textbook work ethics has earned him a new car carrier!”

“Kurbads” car carrier Mercedes-Benz “Actros 1843” with Metago Pro car carrier equipment is modified to effective car loading and prolonged exploitation. Ivars Čiblis, head mechanic of “Kurbads”, tells more: “This truck has an option to lower front side of the cargo platform, that means we can fit bigger vehicle on the first place on the first floor. Also hidraulic levers now are in two different sections of the trailer, providing better vision for the driver when loading or unloading cars. Many parts of the truck are now galvanized which means they will be less affected by corrosion and will be harder to get visual damage. Truck will have longer exploitation period.”

Let it roll!