A battle with yourself and others – the annual Strong race!

On Saturday, at the motocross complex “Zelta Zirgs” in town of Ķegums, the traditional “Strong race” took place for the 10th time. It gathers several thousand runners from all around the Baltic States. After a perfect race last year (5th place in elite group), Kurbads team didn’t participate in 2018, but our logistics specialist Salvis Ozoliņš did run under Kurbads banner!

Salvis just loves to run and take part in various running events – Stirnu Buks, Vanagkalns skiing, and, of course, The Strong race!

This year, Salvis started in 10 km mass run: “I choose this option, because I wanted to be a part of a crowded start and run. I think I did quite good, I know where I lacked something and where I could improve. In the middle of the run, I had cramps in my legs, so I dropped the speed a bit to accelerate closer to the finish!”

“The distance and obstacles were very similar to the last year. But somehow it seemed harder, maybe because now I ran alone and dictated my own tempo and had nowhere to rest for a bit. My body, especially knees, are tired but morally I am extremely happy!”

The results are not yet published, but experts say that Salvis probably finished in TOP10!

Video about  the preparation and the Strong race run coming soon.

In 2018, more than 2200 adults and 700 kids participated in the run.