Adventure boat set to Rio de Janeiro transported to Riga

“Bored of Borders” adventure team continues to prepare for the expedition “With bicycle and rowing boat to Riodejaneiro Olympic games” and today in Riga received their ocean rowing boat. They plan to cross the Atlantic ocean with it.

The boat was bought in England and was transported to Latvia by the logistics company “Kurbads”.

“The main idea is to travel from Latvia to XXXI Summer Olympic and Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro. It could take about 150 days to do this with bicycles and rowing boat. We will not be using any help on our journey – there will be no technical transport or saving boat,” says Kārlis Bardelis.

The transporting of the boat is one tiny part of the whole preparation process for expedition to Rio de Janeiro that will start in spring of 2016. Bicycles will be used to go to Dakar. But from African port  the Atlantic ocean will be crossed with the legendary ocean rowing boat.   

It’s first serious encounter was in 2007 when team of ladies from Great Britain traveled more than 5000 km from San Sebastián de la Gomera to English Harbour in Antigua. With this ocean boat the Guinness World record was set – 216 km covered in 24 hours.

The previous owners of the boat, the team from Australia, in 98 days managed to go from New York to England. 

“We are very proud of “Bored of Borders”, the Latvian adventurers, and that is why we are glad to help and support them in reaching their goals! Our small country’s name will be heard far beyond our borders! Good luck!” Transport company “Kurbads” wishes all the best in their travel! 

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