New office!

With a nice party we have opened our new office after a renovation. Kurbads continues to grow and a necessity for a bigger office arose. But for this story to be complete, first we need to tell a short historical story about the building itself.

In 2011, shortly after the global economic crysis, when Kurbads started to call the new logistics centre our home, there were many signs that this two story building, that previously was a technical base for Rumbula USSR Air Force military airfield, was built by soldiers of a military construction battalion. The building before reconstruction was in a condition that wise choice would be to tear it down, but it was decided to give it one more life, leaving it as a testimony of that era. By inviting professional restorers Ieva Rulle and Sandra Priežčiekure, the authentic walls were especially highlighted with decorative paint job. After renovation works in 2011, this was an office for DBC autocentrs, but as Kurbads grew bigger, it was decided to unite all second floor under one establishment.

The interior of the new office is rich with various art works of Latvian artists. In two opposite cabinets one can see Līgas Ķempes twin works of art: “Tīrīga” and “Izturīga”. Several Ilmārs Blumbergs’ graphics can be found on the walls. Establishment “Kurbads” and the artist shares one philosophy that is dominated by immersion, attention, reverence and joy of serving.

Visitors will enjoy large format artwork from Andrejs Ameļkovičs about jazz and cars. Also, the photography enthusiasts will acknowledge reproductions of famous Latvian artist Ulvis Alberts. The power symbols of Latvian folklore have been implemented in the interior design by Alfreds Paulausks. But the first floor of the office is occupied by several monsters, drawn by Latvian professional graffiti artist KIWIE. The plants and Christmas decorations is the work by Baiba Rudzāte, but office furniture is made with masterful hands of Juris Pržjalgovskis. The oak floors are the work of Aivars from, while thanks also goes to SIA “Pilnstikls” project manager Arnis for the glass walls.

The magical musical atmosphere in the opening party was thanks to Erna Daugaviete and Rihards Lībietis. The new “Rihards Lībietis Orchesta” album “Reflections” is made with support from “Kurbads”.

Big thanks to all who took part in the building and renovations works in our office!