Big anniversary for Kurbads mascot

Vehicle transport and logistics company’s „Kurbads“ manager’s Edgars Krievāns right-hand in command cat Mongolia will celebrate her 8th birthday, which in cats age is 48. Lovely cat is respected by every „Kurbads“ employee.

 Mongolia in „Kurbads“ arrived in unusual fashion and her story about finding company’s headquarters is local legend now. 8 years ago in a cold and rainy afternoon she climbed onboard on a „Kurbads“ car carrier to travel long way to Latvia, where cat was discovered by driver. She was still a small kitten back then. Lorry driver had no idea that besides usual cargo he has transported also a furry immigrant. Seeing kittens meagerness, he immediately washed her in the driver’s showers and brang her to veterinarian. Despite her weakness, the kitten was perfectly fine. On the same day father of „Kurbads“ Andis Pikāns was telephoned to decide kitten’s faith. Andis was travelling in Mongolia at that moment and he accepted sheltering cat on one condition – kitten had to be named Mongolia.

 Today „Kurbads“ is unimaginable without Mongolia. She guards territory vigilantly and fends off unfamiliar cats, furious crows and even a fox. Nobody is suprised to see bodies of mices and shrews next to guard’s building. Mongolias gracious pace, stoic look and sharp ears  bring joy to customers and employees.