Blind areas are a major cause of road accidents involving lorries

Blind spots are places where the truck driver cannot see other vehicles. Although truck drivers are higher than the ground compared to car drivers, the field of vision is blocked in several areas.

Trucks have three main blind zones:

  • Side blind zones – due to the huge size and height of the car transporter trailers, a completely opaque blind zone is formed when turning. The blind zone on the right side is considered to be much more dangerous compared to the blind zone on the left side.
  • Front blind spot – Most accidents in this area occur when a car makes a sharp maneuver or starts moving late in front of the truck. The car literally disappears from the truck driver’s sight by hiding behind the dashboard.
  • Rear blind spot – car drivers should primarily take into account the fact that truck drivers do not have rear view mirrors. Namely, drivers must rely on the side mirrors to check the surrounding traffic.

Tips for truck drivers to avoid blind spot accidents:

  • Optimal adjustment of mirrors and seat. Especially if cars are changed or several drivers drive the same car. Most cars today are equipped with a seat position function.
  • “Gymnastics” at the wheel. Modification of the neck and body by intensifying observation of the surroundings, thus reducing the blind zone.
  • Addition of additional special mirror elements without obscuring the basic view.
  • Position navigation, toll boxes and telephone so that the view is not obscured.
  • Do not start moving in winter until the windows have completely thawed or cleaned. Including windscreen, the uncleaned right side. Don’t start moving until the extra camera lenses are clear.

France, on the other hand, wants to pay more attention to the accidents caused by truck blind spots. Therefore, from January 1st 2021, all heavy weight car transport (both lorries and passenger vehicles) weighing more than 3.5 tonnes must be equipped with yellow signs informing other road users of the blind spots for their vehicle. This way the French government will seek to reduce the number of road accidents.