Brabus B63S-730 in Kurbadsn

When on the second half of the 1970s Bobo Bushcmann wanted to customize his cars, he understood that most existing customizers could not meet his thought or requirement, so he decided to start his own brand. That is how company Brabus was founded.

Kurbads logistics center was visited by Mercedes-Benz “B63S-730”, the highest level of Mercedes-Benz automobiles with exclusive customization from Brabus.

730 in the model name “B63S-730” means power that 5,5 turbocharged engine produces. To reach this figure Brabus was forced to swap the stock turbos for bigger versions, add a low-temperature radiator for the intercooler, open up the exhaust system, and remap the engine-management system. Brabus makes no claims on a 0–100 time, but the top speed is set at 325 km/h.

To handle all of this power, and to keep these Brabus coupes on the road, the cars have been fitted with special bits of aero kit and the suspension has been lowered a bit, ride height is lowered by 14 cm. If you’re going to go 205 mph, you’ll probably appreciate those additions and changes.

Naturally there are Brabus wheel options at 19, 20, and 21 inches and the biggest shoes offered are 255/30ZR-21 front, 295/30ZR-21 at the back. All of the models are only rear-wheel-drive. The Brabus exhaust can be fitted as well, which operates in Normal and Sport modes by way of an electronically actuated butterfly valve.

In addition to the exterior modifications to the S-class, Brabus would be more than happy to reupholster the interior with Mastik leather. There’s also a “refined” multimedia system on the list.

The new car costs approximately 200 000 EUR, but used models, if you can find any, will cost you around 160 000.