Car carrier #95 in Kurbads!

Right after Summer solstice Kurbads employees celebrated the latest addition to company’s car carrier fleet – Mercedes-Benz with Kaessbohrer vehicle transportation equipment.

The truck is branded with Latvian mythology simbol the wheel of the Sun, designed by Alfreds Paulausks, latvian artist.

The wheel of the sun simbolyzes infinity and rotation of the World. It very well matches with  the work of Kurbads. The movement of the sun and turning of the wheel are connected with time and life of people.

Traditionally, the men prepared a powerful energy charge to wish a good fortune to the car carrier. Everybody enjoys the dance of the Bear! While our ladies tied the knots on a wooden sign of the wheel of the sun!

The car carrier #95 will be driven by Jānis Kārkliņš. “He is very hardworking! But also it’s crucial that he always makes the right decisions in difficult situations! Even when he is far away from home,” Anatolijs Vasiļjevs, mentor of Kurbads driver school, shares his thoughts about Jānis. “Recently his results skyrocketed and that’s why it is only logical to grant him a brand new truck! Jānis is very intelligent and will take a good care of the truck!”