Car carrier #96 joins the Kurbads fleet

On the afternoon of 10th September, employees of vehicle transportation and logistics company Kurbads gathered to celebrate a new car carrier. Continuing tradition, the car carrier #96 is decorated with ancient Latvian mythology sign of Auseklis, designed by Alfreds Paulausks.

The morning star Auseklis is especially splendid symbol of star, it symbolizes the light’s victory over darkness and also defends against the powers of dark, wizards and evil people. In the Latvian mythology Auseklis is mentioned as a son of God, the counter of stars and as the groom of Sun’s daughter.

In the celebrational ceremony, lead by folklorist Inese Krūmiņa, men performed the dance of the bear, sending positive energy to the car carrier, while ladies tied knots to wish the truck a good yourney every time it goes on trips.

The car carrier #96 will be driven by Oļegs Dovgans. “Oļegs was born in Ukraine, but he is living in Latvia for many years now and knows Latvian and English language very well. He is a long term employee of Kurbads and has an extensive experience with car carriers. A true professional, we can trust him the most difficult trips to Portugal, Spain or Italy, he will always do everything perfectly.” Oļegs Dovgans is described by Kurbads’ drivers mentor Anatolijs Vasiļjevs.

The new Mercedes-Benz “Actros 1843” is equipped with Metago and Variotrans Pro car carrier equipment. An additional axle increases the cargo load by about 3,5 t, allowing various vehicle loading options.

In “Actros 1843”, a compromise between comfort, conductivity and grip with the road surface has been found by using the newest technologies. The cabin is built so that the driver can concentrate on the road at all times and avoid traffic accidents.