Christmas pre-party in Kurbads ice rink

On the Saturday afternoon vehicle transportation company’s “Kurbads” employees and their families gathered to a Christmas pre party in the cozy “Kurbads” ice rink. 

Adults and children had a laugh while skating, some showed proper skating skills, but for other it was the first time on the ice. But everyone felt excited and had a smile on their face. There were even some Snow Whites on the ice!

After skating activities, families went to the restaurant “Ūsiņš” on the second floor, where children had an opportunity for different workshops, most popular being gingerbread baking. It has become one of the many “Kurbads” traditions. 

Guests were entertained by an instrumental band, where one of the members was Toms Svilāns, company’s employee. For those, who felt tired and hungry, a special chicken and vegetable soup was prepared in the authentic field kitchen.

Gingerbread treats are available to “Kurbads” clients and cooperation partners.