Conquest of Pikes Peak continues

Electric vehicle technology company eO led by Andris Dambis this summer became the first Latvian motorsport team that finished in legendary Pikes Peak hill climb race in USA. Pilot Jānis Horeliks reached the top of the mountain thus achieving the main goal. Racing team supported by car transporting and logistics company „Kurbads”  has already started building next car.

 Racing up to the cloud line took place for 92nd time and traditionally gathered very various competitors and vehicles. Winner in sunny conditions was frenchman Romain Dumas (9:05:801), who is known as Porsche factory driver in Le Mans endurance race. Only few seconds behind was Mitsubishi factory’s built electric cars piloted by Greg Tracy (9:08:188) and Hiroshi Masuoka (9:12:204).

Latvians entered the competition with Tesla Roadster, which was powered by experimental electric drive system. Main goal of the race was to test thoso electric components in different racing conditions so the gathered information could be used in building of the next project.

Construction of the new eO PP03 has already begun. It will be third car built by Andris Dambis for Pikes Peak race. eO PP03 will feature already tested aggregates of electric drive system, including electric engines and eO controllers built in Great Britain. To achieve absolutely best time in competition, PP03 engines short-term power will be 1 megawatt – cars performance continuosly will be on the edge between grip and wheel spin. „We are building a race car, which will be two times more poweful and have one quarter less weight than winners of this year’s competition,” possible advantages are outlined by Dambis. First eO PP03 tests are scheduled in early spring,

eO team thanks its sponsors: Kurbads, IF Apdrošināšana, Kumho Tyres, NRJ reklāma, FTB Latvia, Roadex, Simbafor support to reach the top of the Pikes Peak