Discussions about politics and jokes – what do truck drivers say on the radio?

Every truck driver on the highways of Europe has two options in their trips – whether to sit in a silence, think about life, listen to his favourite music or have an active conversation on the radio with fellow countrymen about most various topics.

Anatolijs Vasiļjevs has more than 30 years of experience behind the wheel of a car carrier, he has gone through different eras of truck life – Soviet time, Independency of Latvia, wild 90s and open borders in Europe. Now he works as a drivers quality instructor in vehicle transportation company Kurbads. Even now he sometimes sits by the wheel in longer trips to show to the young generation of drivers how its done on the road.

“Latvia has radio channel No 13 where we often warn and inform each other about various events or accidents on the road ahead, we share advices about routes and possible problems. Radio system works in a way where anyone can join this or some other channel to listen what our neighbours talk about. Radio works in a radius of 4-6 kilometers, that’s why the chat usually is short but juicy!”

“At the beginning of the 90s the hottest topic was politics, political parties, government, prime minister etc. Back then, there was no Internet, so when a driver drove out of the base in Latvia, he sucked all the information from news and then shared that information to his colleagues what were on the road for some time. Of course, the information brought from home changed a lot from mouth to mouth and when you got back to Latvia, you would realize that everything is different and, for example, prime minister actually is a completely other guy!”

“Channel No 15 is for Russia and here is a very powerful and juicy language. Here is the place where you join to listen to funny stories and jokes, which you can share at home and be a joke star to your friends. If you are in a bad mood, you always join this channel to get some positive emotions, just switch the channel to No 15!”

“Sadly, I don’t know Italian language but I definitely know that it’s always hot in this channel! I could compare this to bargaining about dorada prices in a South Italian market on a hot summer day! But the most active talkers are Lithuanians and Russians, they dominate the highways in numbers and also on their radio channels where they discuss everything!”

Conversations on the radio is an entire universe with different interesting stories. And we will try to introduce you to them.