ECG regional meeting

Vehicle transportation company’s Kurbads head of logistics Toms Hartmanis and head of Porsche and BMW logistics Mārtiņš Eglītis have returned from the ECG regional meeting in Austria.

At the conference members of the industry discuss various trends and challenges in the region, evaluate future trends and share their experience in solutions and what to expect.

“The Eastern European market had a slight growth of 1% in the first half of the 2019. It could be a lot bigger but Turkey that is also in our region is having some problems at the moment. Despite the fact that the market is growing, we need to take into consideration that Western Europe’s market fell by 6% and that means new challenges in the future,” says Toms Hartmanis.

But some more great news – in 2020 Kurbads will host the conference and  welcome guests from the Eastern European region.