Estonian and Latvian companies partnering up to help fight against Covid-19

Car transportation and logistics company “Kurbads” has responded to its Estonian partners “Silberauto” request and delivered an ambulance car from Germany to Estonia, a country severely affected by COVID-19.

Estonian company JSC “Silberauto” has decided to help and provide an ambulance car to North-Estonia’s regional hospital for a period of 6 months. JSC “Silberauto” will further support the hospital at this difficult time by covering the ambulance’s insurance costs.

Upon hearing of its partner company’s noble intention, “Kurbads” management decided to get involved in the support initiative and cover the costs of transporting the vehicle from Germany to Estonia.

Andis Pikans, Chairman of the board at “Kurbads”, notes that since the border between Latvia and Estonia is currently closed for everyday traffic, it is important to maintain unity and solidarity. He points out that even though the company’s productivity and total turnover has suffered due to the implementation of COVID-19 containment measures in Europe, its values remain the same during the time of crisis. The decision to help out neighboring Estonia has therefore been among the easiest ones to make in the last few weeks.