First Kurbads Mercedes-Benz truck is being rebuilt in Austria

Vehicle transport and logistics company “Kurbads” has bought its first Mercedes-Benz “Actros” truck which is being rebuilt to a car carrier in “Kaessbohrer” factory in Austria. This is the first Mercedes – Benz “Actros” truck from a pack that will supplement “Kurbads” car carrier fleet.

The company’s decision to add several and gradually switch to Mercedes-Benz “Actros” trucks is one of the steps to accomplish the company’s development plan.

“We are very comfortable working with Mercedes-Benz chassis as our engineers were frequently in contact with our German colleagues during the development process of “Actros”,” close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz is emphasized by Victor Kuznetsow, sales manager of “Kaessbohrer”. “Thanks to the big attention to details Mercedes-Benz managed to create chassis that perfectly suits our demands.” “Kaessbohrer” engineers consulted their German partners about requirements needed for installing the car carrier equipment.

The “1843” model weighs 18 tonnes and the output of the engine is 430 HP. The truck has several substantial innovations that decrease running costs and improve safety in traffic.

“The biggest gain is the longer maintenance terms. So far we have carried out technical checks of the trucks after specific mileage, now the Mercedes-Benz computer will signal us when and what we need to do,” says Ivars Čiblis, “Kurbads” head mechanic. “From vehicle transporting viewpoint the advantage is that the truck has a larger space behind the cabin thus we have a chance to make different car loading combinations.”

Mercedes-Benz latest model was substantially tested before entering the market. 2600 hours in the wind tunnel for aerodynamic tests, more than 50 million kilometres on roads to improve the effectiveness of the engine, including 20 million kilometres in traffic.

The new standard Euro VI engines have up to 5% lower consumption than their predecessors with a Euro V engine. The optimised standard-fit Mercedes “PowerShift 3” automated transmission, the sophisticated aerodynamics and the innovative Predictive Powertrain Control assistance system contribute to the significant savings.

The new “Powershift 3” gearbox is an innovative achievement for trucks. It immediately and effectively delivers the power to the rear axle with precise and quick gear shifts. The improved shift strategy takes into account such factors as the combination weight, the angle of inclination of the road and the position of the accelerator when selecting the optimum gear.

“Actros” model is a perfect compromise of comfort, connection to road and handling. The driver has freedom of movement and the feeling of space in the cabin. Ergonomics is the key part – every switch can be reached by hand. Everything is done to create an environment where the driver can fully focus on the road and avoid traffic accidents.