First woman – car carrier driver in Latvia works in Kurbads team

Sigita Jakobsone is studying in vehicle transport and logistics company’s “Kurbads” truck drivers’ school to become the first woman in Latvia behind the wheel of a car carrier truck.

Sigita is already going on long trips across Europe together with her husband Renārs Jakobsons, who is one of the most skillful and experienced drivers in “Kurbads”. Renārs was awarded a brand new Volvo truck with a large Globetrotter cabin already in 2012 for reaching the 1000000 km milestone.

“Several years ago Renārs asked me to become his colleague and go on trips together. At first I was hesitant but after some thinking, I understood that I can do this,” says Sigita Jakobsone, who waited for their kids to grow up and then accepted the challenge. The main motivation is the chance to be together with her husband also at working hours. 

The profession of a truck driver is considered a job for men due to historical traditions. Sigita believes that women have no advantages in the profession but this should not stop them from accepting the challenge and prove to themselves that they can do it! “It is impossible to drive in high heels – that stuff has to stay at home,” Sigita laughs. 

According to “Kurbads” data, Sigita is the only woman in Latvia behind the wheel of a car carrier. Sigita also gets a lot of attention and encouragement from her colleagues across Europe.

What is Sigita’s answer to the eternal question: Who is a better driver – a man or a woman?

“I don’t think that men are better. They sometimes make unreasonable maneuvers on the road. I know women who are wonderful drivers, whether it’s a truck or a car. Gender of the driver doesn’t matter. The main factor is the character of a person. Women can be equal to men and maybe even better drivers in many cases.”

Sigita wishes all women on the International Women’s Day to try to reach for new heights and not to be afraid of adventures!