How Pēteris celebrated his 45th birthday!

While we are on our way to celebrate the company’s 25th Birthday next summer, we will continue to introduce you to some funny stories from our drivers.

Many, many years ago on January, Pēteris Ozoliņš, on the eve of his 45th birthday, was on a trip from Italy to Switzerland with a load of FIAT cars.

“Of course, Switzerland it means mountains and narrow passes. I just unloaded two cars in one spot and checked how to get to the next one. Looking at the map, I see that there are two options – go round the mountain safely and drive 300 km or through a mountain which is only 160 km. I chose the short option. Shortly after my good friend Gatis called me(Gatis Mauriņš is a colleague, also legendary Kurbads driver), congratulates me and we keep on chatting. And only after some km I see the sign that trucks from this moment need to have chains around wheels.  What the hell? Why chains? It’s sunny and warm weather that slowly changed to a moderate rain, then it started snowing until it was full on blizzard.”

“In some miraculous way I managed to get to the top but it really didn’t end there. It turned out that now I was in the middle of a skiing resort, with skiing tracks all over the place – people on skis, snowboards and snow bikes. And me with my car carrier right in the middle point of the tracks. People had a very good look at my truck and the FIATs on it. Somewhere in my plan I made a mistake… But that’s OK. I celebrated my birthday in the resort, and early next morning I put on the chains and started my journey back! It was an experience I will remember forever!”