Innovations in the car carrier industry opens up new possibilities for vehicle transportation.

Improvements made by car carrier equipment manufacturer Kaessbohrer have opened up a new possibilities for car loading, thus asking more from drivers that operate the equipment. The new Metago Pro trailer is equipped with a twin-axle, that experienced truck drivers can use to load bigger and more complex cargoes for transportation.

“Within the new market conditions, the cost effectiveness of car carriers plays a central role. In order to cultivate this fact in the future as well, Kaessbohrer‘s range of products has undergone thorough modernization. This will also enable our car carrier customers in the future to enjoy optimized load factors and cost effectiveness when providing their services,” Victor Kusnezow, Area Sales manager of Kaessbohrer, tells about innovations.

Asked about advantages and purpose of the Metago Pro, Victor admits that “twin-tyredcar carrier combines exceptional payload with maximum loading factor. This trailer is therefore top when it comes to efficiency. If the driver can use the possibilities efficiently. The position of the hydraulic control unit has been raised to an ergonomic level. The operability of the functions as well as the visibility of all moving components has been further improved. We have widened the loading options but it will demand more knowledge and skill from drivers to load the cars properly.”

Nowadays, the cars get heavier and bigger every year. That means that the efficient loading of the cars for transport companies is becoming a mission impossible.  Kaessbohrer’s Metago Pro car carrier trailer with twin-axle is a solution and a new way to go. Proved by Pēteris Ozoliņš, Kurbads driver, who recently loaded and transported seven BMW “X6” cars. It would not be possible without the additional axle.

“The benefit from the additional axle is crucial. The cargo load is significantly increased, bigger and heavier vehicles can be transported. The additional axle allows to increase the cargo load by three tonnes, that opens the way to load one more car,” says one of the most experienced Kurbads drivers Pēteris Ozoliņš. He has been using Metago Pro with the twin-axle for more than half a year.

“I strongly believe that looking in the future this equipment is a must for the vehicle transportation professionals, becauce at the moment in Lithuania and Poland there are special points on the highway where the load of the truck is checked automatically with a radar. Everything has to be right all the time.”