Kristīne visits vintage car expo in Italy

Last weekend, Kurbads chief accountant Kristīne Ledauniece traveled to Italy to visit the biggest vintage car expo in Europe – Auto e Moto d’Epoca in Padova city.

This trip was an award for winning monthly meetings where employees share information about the latest news of automotive industry. The best one is chosen by other colleagues and gets a free trip to any automotive show in Europe.

“Exciting, surprising and wonderful! That’s how I describe this trip in few words. I still have a huge whirlwind of emotions – I really enjoyed the car show as it felt alive, it wasn’t artificial – this truly is the place where proper vintage car enthusiasts meet. I was fascinated by retro car spare part branch, where I saw that for those Italians the cars are their lifestyle, not just a hobby or business. Among those 4000 cars, I saw a lot of automobiles I had seen in Kurbads, but so many Porsches I had never seen in my life! Thanks to Kurbads for this trip and new experience!”