KURBADS 110th car-carrier initiation

🔥 Kurbads 110th truck initiated with the Latvian sign of strength — “Krupītis” (toad). 🔥

The 110th car carrier has joined the fleet as the third new truck this year – its cabin is decorated with the well-known “Krupītis” in Latvian mythology.
The toad is a mysterious and majestic sign. It both means a fruitful connection, a sign of life, and it also depicts connection with the subconscious and intuition. A symbol of prosperity and welfare. 🐸

In the ritual, as usual, men performed the traditional bear dance and created a single wave of power, which was handed over to a Mercedes-Benz truck, while the ladies created knots on the wooden sign, wishing the car good luck on the upcoming travels. ✨

This is already the 24th truck, the sides of which are decorated with one of the Latvian symbols of power. Kurbads started this tradition in 2016, when the first Mercedes-Benz Actros truck joined the fleet and a story about these signs was started as part of the company’s rebranding. So far there are 16 different signs on trucks, some of which are being used on more than one car-carrier. In total, the Kurbads fleet consists of 32 trucks with these distinct designs. But more on this — very soon! 🕰

🚍 Kurbads offers jobs for both inexperienced drivers (CE category and code 95 is a must) and drivers who have driven other types of trucks and want to develop their skills. Accompanied by professional instructors, we will train you to work on a car-carrier.

📞 For more questions and further communication — +37122368141, sintija.berzina@kurbads.lv