With the golden champagne sparkling and the Hollywood stars laughing, the most anticipated event of the year – the Kurbads Annual Ball 2023 or the Annual Awards Ceremony – took place at Kurbads.
Once upon a time in Hollywood… life as a movie? When we were planning the theme for the ball – one of the options for our annual ball was “golden year”, because thanks to the work of all of us, the figures were indeed like in a golden year, but still, we were not left with the feeling that a golden year was still ahead of us. As in Hollywood, when we think of the nominees this year, we are proud that several of them, from supporting actors, have become strong performers in leading roles for several years.
By creating an atmosphere worthy of the nightlife boulevards seen in the films and travelling through time and space, the party not only brought us to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where the brightest actors and most recognisable film characters meet. On this magical night, thanks to the exquisite scenery and elegant décor, we were able to create our very own Kurbads Awards Ceremony, the equivalent of the Oscars or the Golden Globes.
As usual, the guests took the theme very seriously and enthusiastically, dressing appropriately. The well-known multicoloured characters Shrek and Fiona, as well as the Grinch, the Christmas thief, were present for the important event. The superheroes Batman and Superman, who did not fight each other, and Maleficent were also present. The romantic criminals Bonnie and Clyde were also there. The elegant Audrey Hepburn graced us with her ever-young presence, while Austin Powers and Zorro added a touch of sparkle to the party.
To make the event even more fun and enjoyable, comedian Edgars Bāliņš, a virtuoso on the microphone, provided a fun atmosphere and lots of laughter. Thanks to his entertaining personality and the well-known rhythms of the legendary band “Labvēlīgais tips”, the fun was in full swing throughout the evening and the dance floor couldn’t rest for a moment.
We are very happy that the Kurbads, Kurbads Truck Service, Kurbads Ice Rink, Kurbads Hockey School and Lantes Manor teams came together to create and experience an unforgettably brilliant festival. And not only that, we can also say that we are a great and united team. We believe that our driving force is Kurbads as a team, and each one of us is a superhero who strives for success. Because it is the collective commitment of the whole team that will determine how Kurbads will shape the next episodes.
Thank you to everyone who came and congratulations to the award winners. Have a powerful New Year!

Honoring the best employees of the year in various nominations, the winners are:

2023 Kurbads best employee  Toms Hartmanis

2023 Kurbads best driver Māris Labarevics

2023 Kurbads best young driver Invalds Eglis

2023 Kurbads best employee of the warehouse and pre-sale preparation Dimitrijs Manušins (Dmitriy Manushin)

2023  Kurbads best employee of Kurbads truck service Aivars Niparts

2023 Kurbads best employee of Kurbads service Kārlis Hāzenfuss

2023 Kurbads best employee of Kurbads Rumbula Sports Center and HS Kurbads Vladislavs Vodolažskis

2023 Kurbads best employee of Kurbads Lantes manor Lauris Goldbergs