Kurbads are dedicated to personal growth and development of our employees. ECG Academy.

We as a company are dedicated to personal growth and development of our employees. We take great pride in helping our employees advance in their careers. Our logistics specialist, Brencis Pēteris Eglītis, is the fifth colleague from our team to attend the ECG Academy.

The ECG Academy is a comprehensive course spanning approximately 24 days, divided into 5 modules held at different locations across Europe. This setup allows for site visits to manufacturing plants, ports, and logistics facilities in addition to classroom instruction.

The first module emphasizes a ‘green’ initiative and sustainable development, with guest speakers from various sectors of the industry, including representatives from the automobile industry, shipping lines, ports, railway logistics and the road transport. There’s also a detailed analysis of the current state of the road transport industry.

“The initial meeting of this year’s ECG Academy course in Copenhagen was highly informative. The primary focus of the program is innovation within the field of Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL). Given the broad scope of the industry, encompassing road, railway, and maritime transport, the pace of development and adaptation processes tends to be gradual. Consequently, the first three days of lectures focused on an in-depth exploration of various sub-sectors of FVL transport, highlighting their respective advantages and disadvantages, as well as their application within the FVL field. The course also introduces innovation management, designed to develop skills that facilitate the creation and implementation of innovative ideas, ultimately making FVL processes more efficient, faster, transparent, and environmentally friendly.

As part of the training, participants visited the car terminal in the Copenhagen/Malmö port (on the Malmö side), which stands as the largest car transport terminal in Scandinavia. The terminal is jointly managed by Toyota’s Scandinavian/Baltic branch and Axess Logistics, covering a total area of 800,000 square meters and capable of accommodating up to 40,000 car units. The sheer scale of operations in such an expansive area was truly impressive and provided a unique experience.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Bremen, Germany, at the beginning of December,” says Brencis Pēteris Eglītis.

For more information about the ECG Academy, please visit: https://www.ecgassociation.eu/activities/education/ecg-academy/