Kurbads attends ECG congress

“Kurbads” company’s head of the logistics department Kristīne Rīmene attended the annual ECG congress on 28th and 29th of May. The General Assembly took place in seaside town of Cascais not far from Lisbon. More than 100 representatives from member companies and guests took part in the event.

 Kristīne tells us about automotive logistics congress’ opening part: “We were introduced to the offer of Setubal’s port and its destinations. We’ll see how this new information helps our company.  I also had a chance to have a talk with our long-time partners and acquire new contacts, including member of the board Maximilian Altmann from “ARS Altmann AG”. They said they will visit our office.”

 Congress’ opening speech was entrusted to ECG’s president Konstantino Baldissara, he emphasized the need for investment in the finished vehicle logistics sector in order to keep pace with new demands. Mr Baldisara also confirmed that dialog between European Commission and ECG will continue to ensure fruitful environment for the sector. 

ECG also introduced its members to few facts from 2015 in the finished vehicle market – it has grown for 1,6-1,7% in Europe comparing to last year. Meanwhile there is a big drop in the Russian market, where the sales of finished vehicles has come down by one third. 

“Domestic sales are growing in Europe,” says ECG vice-president Justin Cox. “In the medium term, the European market will become the key driver for production expansion as well as repatriation, model renewal and new export orientation”

Congress named the German minimal wage law as one of the biggest issues for the automotive logistics sector. Drivers from abroad who enter the Germany have to have salary at least as big as German minimal wage. “This law project has serious opposition in the logistics sector. Also “Kurbads” has many domestic voyages in the territory of Germany,” says Kristīne Rīmene. 

In his closing words, ECG President Constantino Baldissara once again emphasized that the overall tone is positive in the finished vehicle logistics market as consumer and business confidence is returning and that the automotive industry is recovering, however there are warning signs of a lack of capacity and therefore investment is needed to meet the increasing demand.

At the end of the spring congress the 9th course graduates were awarded with their certificates. ECG diplomas for acquired knowledge have already received by many “Kurbads” logistics department employees.

Established in 1997, ECG is the Association of European Vehicle Logistics and represents around 100 leading vehicle logistics companies from 27 countries across Europe, including the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Turkey. ECG Members provide transport, distribution, storage, preparation and post-production services to manufacturers, importers, car rental companies and vehicle leasing operators.

Vehicle transporting company “Kurbads” is a member of ECG from 2012.