Kurbads truck fleet supplemented by one more car carrier!

Yet another car carrier has joined the fleet, the latest generation Mercedes-Benz Actros truck with Kaessbohrer Modolan Plus trailer. This time truck’s design has elements of Māras cross, mady by artist Alfreds Paulausks.

If on some object you see Māras cross, that means that the object (this time car carrier) has been symbolically sacrificed to Latvian ancient goddess Māra, in return receiving a blessing and protection. Māra’s cross creates a special energy that protects and brings a good fortune.

The new car carrier sure got a huge load of energy as the men of the company Kurbads three times performed the bear dance, giving their energy and power to the new truck. While ladies tied some knots around wooden Māra’s cross. 

Toms Fišmeistars will be the driver of the new truck. When he came to work in Kurbads, he was fully educated by our driver’s mentor Anatolijs Vasiļjevs, who will be the godfather of the truck for this reason.

“At the beginning, it didn’t look promising with Toms, but to be honest he surprised us all. He started with various Citytrans specification trucks. He proved himself flawlessly in Poland trips and later with Porsches from Germany. He is very cautious and precise in driving. Toms is a doer, not a talker. He comes and does his job! No wonder, he is one of the youngest drivers to receive this honor,” Toms is described by his godfather Anatolijs Vasiļjevs.

The new truck is equipped with Kaessbohrer Modolan Plus model, which is a one level trailer that is perfect for transportation of cars in city streets or in places where traditional car carriers have trouble due to the bigger dimensions. Modolan Plus version will allow to use all the space 100% – six SUV type cars will fit on the trailer.

“From the technical point of view this truck is very similar to Namejs. The cabin and the engine are bit smaller, but it has all the same technologies – digital mirrors in the cabin that replace the conventional mirrors outside, multifunctional wheel, control display with a touchpad. It all helps with the ergonomics so the driver is fully focused on the road. But this one level equipment will improve the fuel economy, especially transporting SUVs,” says Ivars Čiblis, Kurbads service manager.