Kurbads celebrates 23rd birthday!

23 years ago, at August 31, 1995, the vehicle transportation and logistics company
“Kurbads” is founded. With a delicious lunch employees celebrated the 23rd
birthday party!

But the history of the establishment is even longer, as in 1993, at the Kurbads Street
in Riga, the first vehicle carrier truck is bought from Netherlands logistics company
“Walon”. This is how our company inherited its traditional colors – yellow and blue.
Yellow is the colour of luck, but blue symbolises hope. As the business activities
started at Kurbads street, the company was named “Kurbads”, with a touch
inspiration from the Latvian folk tale hero – Kurbads, the son of mare.

Today, Kurbads has 48 modern Mercedes-Benz car carriers that everyday travel all
across the Europe! And we are not stopping here!

Thanks to gastrobar Ūsiņš for the lunch!