Kurbads celebrates – new truck in the fleet.

Sunny weather, champagne showers and smiling faces are signs that vehicle transporting company “Kurbads” has a reason for celebration – the truck fleet is supplemented with completely new Volvo “FM460” truck.

Company has a life long tradition to wish new vehicles good luck and spray champagne against the truck. All employees of the “Kurbads” get together for a picture and say a wish: “Let it roll well!”

As the model name says, the truck is equipped with engine delivering 460 HP. “The main reason for this engine choice is fuel economy – when the car carrier is fully loaded the truck uses all its power, allowing to decrease the consumption. It is the best option for “Kurbads” car carriers,” the choice is explained by Ivars Čiblis, head of the “Kurbads’” truck service.

The new truck has received number 81. The driver’s duties are entrusted to Andrejs Kļimovs who is working in “Kurbads” since last autumn.

“Andrejs came to “Kurbads” as an experienced truck driver. In a short notice he acquired the skills needed for vehicle loading. Now he can be entrusted the hardest trips around the globe. It is very important that Andrejs often checks the truck’s technical condition and he is eager to learn. No doubts – he has earned the new truck with his spirit and attitude,” only the best words are said by “Kurbads” drivers quality’s manager Pēteris Ozoliņš.

Volvo’s “FM460” engine conforms to Euro6 standards. Truck is equipped with Adaptive cruise control system, which ensures safe distance to the vehicle upfront by changing fuel’s supply and all available brakes.

The latest addition to the fleet has an “I-Shift” gearbox system without lever, the driving regime is chosen with the help from four buttons that can be easily reached by driver. Truck manufacturer Volvo emphasizes “I-Shift” system and tries to make it as close to the perfect as possible. 

Innovative systems allow the driver to access the information from Volvo servers about his driving regime’s economy. “I-See helps to choose the optimal regime.

Let it roll well!