Kurbads celebrates summer solstice Līgo!

Everyone waits for Līgo day,

Boys wait, girls wait;

Beer for boys, cheese for boys,

Wild flower crowns for girls.


Gorgeously dressed, with jolly songs and attractive dances Kurbads employees came together to celebrate biggest, most awaited and most important event of the year – summer solstice, which in Latvia known as Līgo festival. It is rich of traditions and biggest celebration for Latvians.

 As Kurbads is experienced company, it has its own traditions celebrating Līgo. For many weeks every employee was preparing, improving and finishing their folk costumes to show themselves brightest and most beautiful of all. Some had heritaged folk costumes from ancestors, some borrowed from a friend, some had its debut in the new, custom made clothes.

One of the main tradition of the evening is to choose owner with the most spectacular folk costume. Kurbads employees in the open voting choosed „Most magnificent folk costume” award – in the man competition the winner was Jānis Bērziņš, but in the woman competition most votes went to the hostess Lāsma Pikāne. Special award as being the cheerfulest  person of the festival was won by Jānis Šīraks, who was not shy to demonstrate  and create his own folklore rhymes and songs. Hopefully those beautiful performances we will never forget.

Folk like festival feeling for the participants was created by Latvian University folk band „Dandari”. We were dancing, playing games, singing songs about each other in a good or bad way and we burned all our sins in the fire.

Kurbads celebrating Līgo with joyful songs and dances wishes you all great holidays!