Kurbads chooses Volkswagen ID.3 1ST

We’re keeping up with the times and choosing the electric car Volkswagen ID.3. We also try to introduce more environmentally friendly habits into our daily lives – we sort waste, choose recycled materials and now we also have an electric car. The decision to get an electric car was certain.

The author and implementer of the car design idea is our reliable artist Alfreds Paulauskas. Thanks to Alfred, we will drive through the streets of Riga environmentally friendly and with chic.
“People don’t suspect that the body of the car is not flat at all, it is a sphere rather than a cube, and you’d have to think hard about getting each design element exactly where it should be and to get the result to look the same in life, as in the layout. This time, worried about the deadlines, I asked for help from two experienced gluers, for whom it is as easy a thing to pull the car into the adhesive film, as to put on pants in the morning. So all I had to do was join in, lead the way and enjoy the process of gluing each part and my idea came to life step by step exactly as I had intended, ”says Alfreds about the car gluing process.

Toms Hartmanis, the head of Kurbads logistics department and a member of the board, had gone to the event to receive the car at Volkswagen Latvia. The emotions after removing the car cover were sincere. The car itself, Volkswagen ID.3, had been in Kurbads’ logistics center for a couple of weeks, but the custom Alfred’s design had only been seen by Volkswagen employees.

We’re excited about the new and captivating Kurbads car!
Let’s roll!