Kurbads Delivers First Mink Campers to its Customers

Campers on vehicle transporters

We noticed that little yellow insects had taken over our vehicles. We are talking about the compact, modern Mink Campers, equipped with everything you need for a great vacation. Even though they seem to be small from the outside – a couple with a child can easily relax in this teardrop-shaped camper. These campers are suitable for those who are unwilling to bring their entire household with them, but want to enjoy the comfort of all the basics that they need. The camper is equipped with a small kitchen with several USB ports, and a large bed equipped with the Bose audio system and economic LED lamps. As you sleep in Scandinavian linen, and cover yourself with warm mink blankets, you can gaze at the stars through the roof window and enjoy your favourite music.

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Mink campers


It gives you an opportunity to move closer to nature

These campers are favoured by travellers of the Nordic countries because they are suitable for cold climate and are heated with the autonomous heater “Webasto”. You will find these campers in the north of Scotland, in the Scandinavian countries, and even in Iceland. In the future, you will most definitely see these campers not only on the roads all across Europe, but also around the world, as the “less is more” lifestyle becomes more and more popular.

Mink campers on car carrier


Ready for Challenges

We are pleased that as a vehicle transportation and logistics company, Kurbads can take part in the transportation of new and unseen vehicles. In addition, we appreciate that campers developed by the Icelandic company are produced in Latvia! It is our joy to help and receive wonderful feedback: “Thanks a lot for the excellent service and professionalism of Kurbads. Our first campers are on their way to their new owners! God speed to all your drivers! Thanks and enjoy the holidays!” Respectfully, Andra Zvirbule, head of the production unit of Mink Campers.”

Kurbads transport campers