Kurbads delivers the new Škoda Enyaq Coupe iV from the factory to the Arena Riga

The participation of the logistics company Kurbads in the Ice Hockey World Championship has also become a tradition, and this year Kurbads took care to ensure the successful “participation” of Škoda vehicles in the 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

As the official sponsor of the championship since 1993, Škoda’s involvement in this prestigious event holds a special place in the hearts of Czech hockey enthusiasts. The company’s long-standing sponsorship of the IIHF WM has even led to Škoda being recognised in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “longest-standing main sponsor in the sports history of the World Championship”.

Škoda provided a total of 45 vehicles to the event organisers in preparation for the championship. Reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility solutions, most of the vehicles delivered were either electric or plug-in hybrids. This fits well with the growing global focus on reducing carbon emissions and shifting towards greener transport options.
It is worth noting that this year’s Ice Hockey World Championship is also of particular significance for Škoda itself, with plans to unveil its new brand identity. The 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is the perfect platform to showcase its updated visual identity, reflecting its development vision and commitment to innovation in the automotive sector.

In order to ensure the timely and efficient delivery and handover of the vehicles to the organisers of the championship, Kurbads provided direct transportation of 16 Škoda Enyaq Coupe iV vehicles from the Škoda production plant in the Czech Republic to the Kurbads logistics centre in Riga and further to the tournament venue – Arena Riga.

The Kurbads detailing centre carried out PDI or pre-sale preparation on 16 vehicles to ensure that they were in perfect running condition. The vehicle was registered, unpacked, stripped of film, washed and prepared for marking. Electric vehicle charging and general preparation for immediate use. Kurbads played a key role in managing these tasks efficiently, ensuring that the vehicles are ready for use without any delays.

Māris Jansons, CEO of Auto 100 Latvijai, was delighted to have the opportunity to host the hockey event in Riga again after such a short time and was proud to hand over 16 Škoda Enyaq Coupe iV vehicles to the organisers of the Hockey World Championship, which will ensure the mobility of the organisers and participants throughout the event.

The cooperation between Škoda, Kurbads and the Championship organisers demonstrates a shared commitment to ensuring a successful and memorable tournament experience for all involved.