Kurbads employees have fun at Oktoberfest partyn

Despite that traditional German festival Oktoberfest ended some time ago, it was a perfect topic for “Kurbads” organization’s team building event on Saturday evening.

Right after dominating win by home team “Kurbads” over their opponents Liepāja, “Kurbads” and “DBC autocentrs” employees and their families tried the “Kurbads” ice rink’s ice on skates. Physical activities, before going up to the restaurant for the Oktoberfest party.

Restaurant “Ūsiņš” was decorated as an authentic Oktoberfest tent in Bavaria. Traditional meals were served – potatoes, sausages and, of course, beer from “Labietis”, one of the best breweries in Latvia. Bartenders presented new and experimental tastes of a craft beer for every visitor’s taste.

The evening continued with popular Latvian songs and melodies from Germany, played by instrumental live band. Guests got more attractive, started dancing and singing along – having fun before work on next week!