Kurbads employees improve their safe driving skills in Austria

Last week, transportation and logistics company’s Kurbads employees went to Austria to participate in safe driving course ‘’Test&Training’’. This course was a prize for winning the competition ‘Safest Car Park 2015’.

The course was attended by ‘Kurbads’ truck repair shop mechanic Dmitrijs Zavalnevs and head of household Edgars Krievāns.

‘Kurbads’ delegates improved their driving skills in extreme conditions, such as a rapid turn to avoid an object, braking in severe rain, correct handling of sudden sideway drift.

‘This is the first time I am learning the basics of safe driving. Most drivers consider themselves to be very good, but there are many details that must be learned to instinct in order to react right in extreme situations. After the course, I am much more certain of my driving skills,’ Edgars Krievāns comments.

The organization ‘’Test&Training International’’ has developed different training programs in their 25 years of experience to educate drivers and improve road safety. The aim of this training is to reduce accidents and deaths on the road and to reduce car exploitation costs. The program was developed in accordance to current road conditions.